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Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment

LEADERSHAPE HAS PIONEERED an innovative, flexible approach to leadership programmes - combining both remote and face-to-face activities in a bespoke package, to suit client needs. LeaderShape’s online electronic learning system, Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment (ALIVE©), enhances traditional facilitation and individual or team coaching methods.   It takes Senior Executives through an interactive process, developing deep insights from both workplace based learning and a broad range of stimuli, to provide the element of cutting-edge theory. This flexibility allows team development of leaders in diverse geographic locations and can optimise the time leaders need to spend away from their workplace.
This page explains the remote delivery options.

The LeaderShape “ALIVE© Prep” and ALIVE© Masterclasses and Calls focus on Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Leadership (beyond the ego) through embedded learning.

The model is designed to maximize insights more quickly during interaction.This concentrated offer is particularly effective with geographically dispersed teams and can be used in addition to face-to-face workshops, reflective learning, coaching and action learning sets.The varied preparatory techniques and concentrated ALIVE© Masterclasses or reflective teleconference calls engage everyone to participate fully, regardless of their position in the organisation or their customary level of emotional interaction.

ALIVE© can act as a stand-alone programme or be integrated into traditional face-to-face learning.

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The E- Learning format of the “ALIVE© Prep” is carried out via a web portal, available on both mobile devices and computer, which is interactive and encourages clients to work in ‘bite sized chunks’ at their own pace, addressing a leadership topic.

ALIVE© Masterclass and ALIVE© Calls

Clients may choose, depending on their organisational needs, to follow up the preparatory activity with a 2-hour ALIVE© Masterclass Call to draw together threads of all the cohort members’ combined learning in a focused event, gaining premium value from a short, intense but highly interactive group learning experience. Sessions are typically undertaken around a month to six weeks apart.

Between these, face-to-face or remote individual coaching sessions can be included to act as an accelerator to broaden understanding further. This aids the delivery of new responses and approaches until the Executive reaches a high level of familiarity.

A supplementary or a remote delivery alternative to the coaching option is to provide a 1-hour ALIVE© Call for the entire cohort. Insights are strengthened through interaction.  

The latest ALIVE© sessions with Senior Executives, from a major Financial Services organisation recorded this feedback:

     “I enjoyed the flexibility to work at my own pace and time.”

     “The online workbook made you think about what you had just learnt."

"It was good to embed learning into the tasks, without too much pressure.”

Leaders reported that they used the process to:

     “Consider roles when trying to inspire colleagues with a view to lead as well as manage. “

     “Reflect on how I am working and think about what others are communicating with me non verbally. “

     “Recognise emotions.”

Further Value-Add

The ALIVE© process can also be powerfully used for remote Action Learning sets or Executive Peer Groups.  It encourages an emotional, personal connection with the chosen ‘learning journey’ that supports engagement, excellence and confidence in the learner.

LeaderShape Coach/Mentors all have direct experience at senior levels, most as MDs and CEOs and are able to support remote and direct learning techniques.  Their real, objective understanding of your issues quickly benefits your business.

A summative comment was:

     “I want to put these key learnings into practice, developing my skills and using them when I have meetings with staff.”

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