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Leadership Assessment for Talent Development

TO RECRUIT THE RIGHT leader, assessing potential competence and capability is crucial - especially for professionals responsible for talent management and development. Yet talent professionals can also use leadership assessment as a positive and powerful tool to maximise the return on investment and develop the values of a future-oriented, sustainable organisation.

Leadership Assessment for Talent Development goes beyond recruitment to position assessment as a central, strategic activity. It demonstrates how to apply a connected process that accelerates behavioural change areas and facilitates the engagement and enabling of in-house talent. 

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We are grateful to these global business leaders for their powerful endorsement of this seminal work:

A "child in their favorite toy store".......that is how this book will make any inquisitive HR Executive or Business Leader feel, when they delve into the rich insights, learnings and opportunities this book provides! For any "self-aware, development-hungry leader" who strives to be successful, this provides both immediate and long-term direction on how to excel as a business and a leader whilst encouraging us to become an exceptional role model for future generations.

Peter Collyer, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Claire's Stores, Inc

A timely and insightful treatise on a subject of central importance to every organization today. Essential learning for all professionals engaged in leadership and talent development. 

Shubhro Sen, Director, TATA Management Training Centre

Leadership capabilities at all levels have never been more important in times of great change and uncertainty, and most CEOs will cite leadership as one of their most critical areas of concern. So how do we make sure we are assessing and developing leaders in the best way? Much is changing in this field and this book brings together some of the best thinking, case studies and ideas that help us all better understand and develop leaders for the future. 

Peter Cheese, CEO – CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development).






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