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ByBox and Transpersonal Leadership

Entrepreneurs must realise that transpersonal leadership is the model for start-ups! ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ is fundamental to anybody with an aspiration to build a world-class company, according to 2008's fastest growth company, ByBox - now a £50m turnover company.

Says CEO, Stuart Miller:

The day you start a company, there is no difference between YOU and the COMPANY. You ARE the company. You have goals for the company and goals for yourself. This is where transpersonal leadership matters. The more authentic your personal goals are in the context of the company you are building, the less tension there will be as you grow and the more natural it will be for people to commit to your leadership."





Stuart's vision was to revolutionise parcel logistics by delivering successfully to electronic lockers at night rather than failing deliveries to peoples’ homes during the day (because they weren’t there).   What was his personal objective? Simple.

I wasn’t sure that I was good enough to lead a team to build a world-class company. And I desperately needed to find out. Any tension between my personal objectives and those of the company? No – they are aligned entirely:  to pour my guts into creating a world-class company that will build the parcel delivery platform for where the world is going next.”

Contrast this with some established FTSE100 institutions. Does the CEO take that job because they’re not sure if they are good enough? Or is it primarily for the salary, ego and prestige that comes with being a ‘Captain of Industry’? What do followers think about leaders who are only in it for the badge and the cash? 

LeaderShape and ByBox agree that leadership by badges and cash must eventually give way to leadership without ego. Entrepreneurs must authentically align their personal goals and those of their venture. Otherwise, they will not galvanise the trust required to lead through the critical growth phases. And those personal goals must be for the good of the company, not the ego of the leader.

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