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Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitation

SKILLED COACHING or mentoring should be an integral part of any management development strategy. The development of an internal cadre of coach/mentors can produce and sustain significant long-term benefits.  LeaderShape has developed a proven and successful model for training internal Coach/Mentors for organisations.  Continuing development is provided by combination of initial 2-day programme followed by one-to-one coaching and skills workshop. 

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LeaderShape has also pioneered a methodology to deliver our programmes remotely; the ALIVE© process (Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment) delivers the same high level of engagement to individuals and teams who are geographically spread or working under serious time constraints


Why train your internal coach/mentors and facilitators?

Rather than just relying on the passing on of business and managerial experience, a formal coach/mentor training programme:

  • Significantly improves the mentoring process and the development of those who mentor and are being mentored.
  • Improves team performances
Creates and embeds a strong learning and coaching culture

Our expert facilitators can unblock obstacles to change in your organisation and we can also teach your senior leaders to become facilitators themselves.


PgC Coach Mentoring & Facilitation

Good quality coaching, mentoring and facilitation in the work-place is invaluable. However, experience has shown us that the good intentions behind these initiatives are often undermined by insufficient training or the lack of a proper framework for this Work-Based Learning.

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High Potential Talent Development

The global marketplace is characterised by competition for the best talent. Replacement costs of home-grown talent make an effective case for identifying and grooming a firm's high-potential employees to secure high quality future leaders.

Our senior level business Facilitator/Coach-Mentors combine in-depth know-how to accelerate the development of High Potential talent. Our unique LeaderShape's approach acknowledges the need to grow people through maximum stretch, but reduce the risk of failure through tailored support.

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Individual Coaching for Accelerated Development

LeaderShape Coach/Mentors have all undertaken formal training in coaching and facilitation and have backgrounds as business leaders at Chief Executive or Board level.  Coaching programmes are flexible in delivery and include reasonable access to your coach/mentor by telephone or email between sessions.  We track results to ensure you get value from your investment.

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Developing Coaches and Mentors

Skilled executive coaching or mentoring should be an integral part of any management development strategy. The development of an in-house team of coach/mentors can produce and sustain significant long-term benefits.

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