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Developing Coaches and Mentors


In-house development

Skilled coaching or mentoring should be an integral part of any management development strategy. The development of an internal cadre of coach/mentors can produce and sustain significant long-term benefits. LeaderShape has developed a proven and successful model for training internal Coach/Mentors for organisations.

Starting with an initial two-day programme, coach/mentors are developed  individually and as a cohort. Their development  continues over a course of 6 months to one year, dependent upon the nature and scope of the client's requirements. This continuing development is provided by  one-to-one coaching and skills workshops delivered by an experienced external coach-tutor who will act in a supervisory role during and following the training programme.

A typical programme would include:

  • Introduction to the concept of coach/mentoring
  • Self-awareness - the key to unlocking successful coach/mentoring
  • Mentoring and coaching skills – including questioning and feedback technique
  • Introduction to the coaching model
  • Coaching practice
  • Reflection Techniques
  • One to one verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Additional Coaching Tools to take the skills to the next level.

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