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Developing High Performing Teams


Developing High Performing Teams.

None of us is as smart as all of us" 
Japanese Proverb

High performing teams at all levels are essential for achieving outstanding organisational performance. This is especially so in situations of rapid or major change and during crises. Each team should have:


  •     Common vision, objective and direction.
  •     High standards.  
  •     Mutual respect, trust and accountability.  
  •     Individual sense of responsibility.
  •     A sense of team identity.
  •     High motivation and team energy.

LeaderShape works with existing, new and temporary teams to help “raise the game” and achieve consistent outstanding performance.Teamworking must be a recognized and powerful element of organisational culture. The individual teams need to fully understand their roles, understand and communicate freely with each other, be adequately resourced and want to work with each other. A typical team development programme could include:


  •     A Culture Survey to identify features that inhibit and/or support team-working.    
  •     A MBTI Step2 appraisal (or similar process, chosen by the client) to identify preferred team roles within existing and newly formed teams.
  •     Master classes on team dynamics.
  •     Facilitated team workshops that address specific team objectives.  
  •     Team coaching.
  •     Regular reviews and assessments of team performance.





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