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Emotional Intelligence

Most leaders operate in default mode, behaving in a way that is natural to them. They often have little idea of the powerful positive or negative impact their behaviour can have on other people. In essence, our programmes enable leaders to not only become aware of the behaviours that will provide the best long term organisational performance (the limit of most leadership programmes) but also enable leaders to embed this desirable new behaviours. Experience tells us that these new behaviours provide reactions from others that kindle un-surfaced values and authenticity.



For the Leader

  • To develop leadership behaviours that will increase effectiveness both of self and others.
  • To perform in a way that will encourage openness and trust and which in turn will increase engagement and commitment of others.
  • To have a greater awareness of others and how her/his own behaviour can affect others performance for the better or worse.
  • To understand how the automatic behaviours of others may hide individual potential for development.

For the Organisation

  • Better leaders generating an improved performance enhancing culture.
  • Improved morale, reduced turnover of staff (especially of talent), greater trust, effective communications, better working relationships, more innovation and confidence, and accelerated development of its people.
  • Overall, greater engagement and commitment leading to a shared vision, commitment to strategic goals, and better sustainable financial performance.

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