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Becoming a Facilitator

As well as expert facilitation of groups & teams,  LeaderShape develops leaders to become competent facilitators. 

The benefits for leaders to learn to facilitate effectively, are:

  • Provides an opportunity to move away from a commanding / pace-setting style
  • Enables them to obtain objective input from people at all levels in the organisation
  • Uses all the knowledge available in the organisation
  • Provides for presenting views as questions rather than answers and thus opening up the debate
  • Develops buy-in and ownership to decisions

Facilitation is the process management of more than one person to maximise the value of the participants. This can involve:

  • Coaching (provides personal development drawn from the knowledge and experience of the individuals in the room)
  • Consensus building
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing (from an expert or from within and across the group / team)
  • Decision making
  • Action learning (learning through discussing and developing solutions for real live participant issues).

Some of the key characteristics of an excellent facilitator:

  • Takes responsibility for the process, not the content
  • Ensures there is clarity of objectives and that focus on these is retained
  • Establishes a non-threatening environment that encourages engagement
  • Makes sure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate
  • Asks open questions rather than providing answers, and probes responses where necessary
  • Is tolerant of ambiguity, curious and open to learn
  • Spots and draws attention to differences of opinion
  • Even when transferring knowledge, limit the time spent on “telling” and maximises the time “discussing”
  • Makes sure individuals are stretched to develop their own opinions and ideas
  • Ensures each participant has take-aways and actions and they are communicated and committed to everyone in the room.


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