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Intelligent Leadership for the 21st century SME

LEADERSHAPE IS NOW ABLE to offer a leadership development solution designed for senior leaders and leadership teams of SMEs who want to up their game and grow their business into more substantial and sustainable organisations,  This support is in conjunction with GrowthAccelerator matched funding.

Working with LeaderShape you will harness the business and technical skills your leaders already have to produce increased capability, enabling your own higher performance and that of your people. Leadership and Management (L&M) is an integral element of GrowthAccelerator, seeking to develop the capabilities of leaders and their senior teams and to drive business growth.  It offers valuable match funding worth up to £2,000 per team member to develop leadership and management skills and support the growth objectives of your business.


Leadership development through LeaderShape offers participants improved awareness of how their behaviours impact not only their own performance but also on the performance of those around them. Participants will learn new behaviours that enable their teams to perform at a higher level, create a culture that improves the overall performance of the company. Additionally, they will be able to bring their values and decision-making to a higher level of consciousness and make more effective, ethical and sustainable decisions for the organisation. It will in turn raise the productivity of the whole organisation – often by much more than a similar investment in capital or through employing more people.


SMEs that have been assessed as having the ambition, opportunity and capacity to achieve growth may be eligible for leadership and management match funding under GrowthAccelerator.  L&M funding of up to £2,000 per manager (representing a total spend of up to £4,000 per participant) is available; currently there is no limit on the number of your managers that can be supported.  Match funding significantly increases the value of the senior management development programmes you invest in – so you gain more access to the tools and skills that are most relevant to your business needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out if you are eligible and how we can work with you.  Funds are likely to be limited so it's important not to delay if you have a management learning and development issue we can help you address.

More advantages for you

Being part of GrowthAccelerator helps grow your client base and introduces you to the largest network of high growth business experts ever put together in England.  This unique service provides the new connections and new ideas you need for your businesses to achieve rapid growth.
GrowthAccelerator is where:
AMBITIOUS businesses go for new connections and the new ideas they need to achieve their full potential.

THE SHARPEST business brains gather to share knowledge and expertise 

DRIVEN businesses go to realise their greatest ambitions. 

FORWARD-thinking businesses find the inspiration to leap ahead of their competitors.
Topics you may wish to tackle include:

  •  Understanding the difference between leadership and management,
  •  Leadership styles and the role of the leader
  •  Emotional Intelligence for leaderships
  •  Situational Leadership Model
  •  Change management
  •  Communication of your strategy
  •  Performance management
  •  Delegation
  •  Holding effective meetings
  •  Team building (stages of team formation and 5 dysfunctions models)
  •  Influencing
  •  Negotiating
  •  Conflict Management

LeaderShape programmes take leaders and their teams on a practical journey of discovery using evidenced based research that links emotional intelligence, culture theory, ethical philosophy and neuroscience.

The sessions are very participative using a variety of methodologies harnessing our proven ALIVE© (Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment) approach, which enhances learning by providing blended methodology, including on-line workbooks in advance to transfer content so that the face-to face/remote workshop time focuses on the implications of that content to the leaders in their organisation. The balance between face-to-face and remote sessions can be flexed for each organisation depending on budget and logistics.












The LeaderShape website www.leadershape.biz is a resource of information about the content we offer and much more. LeaderShape’s approach to leadership development is described in more detail in The Invisible Elephant & The Pyramid Treasure  and in our latest book published by Kogan Page Leadership Assessment for Talent Development.  Finally, LeaderShape offers a range of university accredited post graduate courses up to Master’s Degree level in Leadership and also in Coach-Mentoring & Facilitation

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To find out more and explore your eligibility for funding This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Case Study

See how we have helped SME company, Poolia Parker Bridge develop its leaders.





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