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High Potential Talent Development


High Potential Talent Development

The global marketplace is characterised by competition for the best talent. Replacement costs of home-grown talent make an effective case for identifying and grooming a firm's high-potential employees to secure high quality future leaders - the key to creating high performing companies.
Our senior level business Facilitator/Coach-Mentors combine in-depth leadership know-how to accelerate the development of High Potential talent. This experience has led to a unique LeaderShape approach; we acknowledge the need to grow people through maximum stretch, but reduce the risk of failure through tailored support.
Our background and approach takes account of the growth drivers and key attributes of top talent that enable organisations to thrive. Agile thinking and learning, willingness to take calculated risks and  Emotional Intelligence are critical to future senior leaders.
A typical programme could include:

  • A  journey of self-awareness through grounding in Emotional Intelligence and how to use the key Leadership styles.
  • EI based Leadership assessment via a proprietary 360° tool - LEIPA – leading to a clear, bespoke PDP.
  • 1-to-1 or Group Coaching & Masterclasses to build Leadership knowledge and good practice.
  • Developing powerful relationship management skills through gaining insights & understanding of own and others’ behavioural patterns.
  • A programme of coaching to support the HiPo in a stretching, business-critical assignment.





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