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Leading Change in Tough Times


Business Leadership at the cutting edge.

The financial crisis has given leaders new challenges, especially if they have not experienced a downturn before. Executives may have started needing different leadership styles from usual. Even as the business climate improves, mergers or redundancies continue to affect many organisations. While much attention is given to those who are leaving, successful business leadership also considers the impact on the people who are staying:

  • How can the reconstituted workforce be motivated to perform more effectively to take the organisation successfully forward?
  • How can you mitigate the risks of legal action?

LeaderShape can work with you.

We've been there!  The LeaderShape faculty comprises proven business leaders with hands-on, personal experience of business leadership through both tough and successful times. With the benefit of hindsight, without the pain of experience, the we support you to make tough decisions, providing the guidance to help steer the organisation and developing understanding of the leadership style that will take people with them.

What is involved?

For those that are staying: Business leadership workshops to address key issues in the organisation such as how to:

  • Deal with the emotions.
  • Move forward through the “grief curve.”
  • Instil confidence that will allow people to focus on the tasks ahead.

Individual coach/mentoring helps maintain maximum effectiveness in a rapidly changing environment. We provide support for those called on to make key decisions and deal with the negativity that redundancy scenarios can create. For those that are departing the business:

  • A coaching surgery or tele-coaching with email backup provides confidential support to help clarify personal goals and move people into a mindset to positively seek new challenges.
  • A joined-up approach connecting individuals with relevant Top Executive Search Companies, through our network of strategic alliances.

Are you a Business Leader facing tough times? We focus firmly on the practical “how to” of leadership development: We develop business leadership capability through the coaching, mentoring and facilitation of individuals, groups and teams.Read more, call us on +44 (0)330 323 0275  or contact us to discover what LeaderShape can do to develop the leadership styles of your business leaders for the challenging times ahead.

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