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MA in Transpersonal Leadership


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED how a Masters or other postgraduate coaching qualification could be truly useful and valid in your workplace? Work-Based Learning ensures knowledge is used effectively within an organisation, as well as supporting participants with rigorous academic study. It enables new skills and behaviour to become embedded to create REAL and sustained leadership excellence.
LeaderShape’s programmes are designed and developed by former CEOs and expert business leaders together with the University of Chester, who are global leaders in the provision of customised work-based learning. Our approach is therefore completely different from standard academic methodology. The courses enhance career opportunities and directly benefit the participant, the organisation and wider stakeholders.

LeaderShape offers the following suite of courses – one leading into the other:
    •    Post graduate Certificate in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
    •    Postgraduate Diploma in Transpersonal Leadership
    •    Master of Arts Degree in Transpersonal Leadership

Based on these principles and our extensive experience, LeaderShape takes candidates through a process that involves several kinds of interventions (e.g. coaching and action learning) including critical reflection, which enriches and embeds the learning, providing a framework for life-long enhanced competence.

This approach is immediately useful to both the employer and the workplace, preparing candidates for higher levels of leadership competence in current and future roles.
Outcomes include improved morale, lower staff turnover and better working relationships, more innovation and higher levels of confidence leading to better teamwork, commitment to strategic goals and increased sustainable bottom line results.

Scientific studies show Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Transpersonal Leadership empower positive attitudes towards the workplace. This self-directed approach of the programme means that participants can choose from a highly flexible range of modules to meet specific needs and interests within their organisation, enabling the precise title of the award to be agreed to reflect their professional specialisation.

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