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Maximising Board Effectiveness


Leadership and Team Development for Boards and Senior Teams.

Organisations may not thrive without a top team that acts as “The Brains of the Business”. It must inspire the rest of the organisation to take ownership of and fulfil its mission.
LeaderShape's business leaders know about running successful organisations - the dynamics and attributes of top teams that power growth. Thinking and behaving as a high-performing team is critical.LeaderShape's brings to bear huge experience in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Leadership. As thought leaders, we believe leadership development only happens through embedding new habits.

Personal benefits:

  •     Improve self-awareness as individuals and as a team.
  •     Increase self-confidence.
  •     Enhance personal and group capabilities, especially as leaders.
  •     Enhance personal and team motivation, resilience and profile.

Benefits to your Organisation:

  •     Improve senior team relationships and performance.
  •     Create and develop robust and adaptable teams.
  •     Establish an effective leadership role and capability.
  •     Improve business results and prospects for growth and sustainability.


A Typical Executive Leadership Development Pogramme

Board and senior team development programmes are created in line with your strategic objectives, to reflect the needs of your organisation.
Typically, the bespoke design of a programme will be the result of 1-2-1 exploratory discussions with the team together with shadowing Board and Senior Team meetings to observe decision making processes and the individual contributions of team members.
Suitable for:

  •      Established Boards and Senior Teams addressing new challenges from competition or the general business environment.
  •      Newly formed Boards and Senior Teams.
  •      Boards and Senior Teams that need to adapt to match rapid growth and/or change.
  •      Boards that need to become more professional and/or establish a stronger leadership role.
  •      Boards and Senior Teams that need to re-energise




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