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Transpersonal Leadership

An Idea Whose Time has Come

There has been an unprecedented change in the demands of leadership over the last 10-15 years. This has been created by social and technological change, by globalisation and by the growing concern for the future of our planet. If we look back further over the last 50 years the world has witnessed amazing economic growth in many areas with some notable exceptions such as most of Africa. We are now at a turning point in this new 21st century and it’s time to grab the nettle.

The context in which companies now operate is what Tomorrow’s Company refers to this as the ‘triple context’ – where future and enduring business success will rely on understanding and responding to the links between the economic,social and environmental sub-systems on which we all depend, and the opportunities this brings. We therefore need leaders who put first the true stakeholders of their organisations (customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the planet, and yes, even the shareholders), rather than putting first personal reward (usually money), personal power for control and personal prestige (including fame and celebrity status).

After more than a decade of research in the day-to-day world of multinationals,corporates and public and private sector organisations, working with Chief Executives, Boards and key personnel, the report on The Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure sets out a journey towards the type of leadership that is better fit for this future – ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ developed from 13 years of experience of working closely with senior leaders.‘Transpersonal Leadership’ is the development of a leader beyond their personal ego to fully consider and act on the needs of all stakeholders. They must be transpersonal by thinking beyond their ego and be ‘Radical, Ethical and Authentic Leaders’.

The Invisible Elephant - good leadership matters

So why ‘The Invisible Elephant & the Pyramid Treasure’? We have all used or at least heard the saying ‘the elephant in the room’ when we refer to something that everyone in the room knows is a serious issue for that group but which no-one is willing to mention. In most organisations, leadership is the highest priority ‘elephant in the room’ –whether in the boardroom or the call centre, the warehouse or the reception, the way in which people are led matters, and it matters a lot! In the well-known survey‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ which claims to have the world’s largest database on the subject, good leadership is the most important characteristic of a high performing company.

The problem is that most leaders in most organisations are not aware of how their behaviour and how they deal with other people affects their own performance, that of the people they are dealing with, and ultimately the performance of the organisation. The fact that most leaders are not aware of the issue is why leadership is called the ‘Invisible Elephant’.

The Pyramid Treasure is not magic

The ‘Pyramid Treasure’ is the ‘Eight Integral Competencies of Leadership’ (8ICOL). It is referred to as the ‘treasure’ because its development over a period of several years culminated in being able to express what has often been described as ‘spiritual intelligence’ in  words that everyone could relate to - without it sounding mystical, magical or religious. We use the term ‘transpersonal’ rather than ‘spiritual’ which is defined as ‘beyond the ego’.   The subtitle of this publication ‘Tomorrow’s Leadership – the transpersonal journey’  is about the journey of self-discovery and implementation. A journey that can be life-long with no finishing point as personal development is as infinite as the universe.

All of us are on that personal journey and always will be, whether we are aware of it or not.




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