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PgC and PgD Transpersonal Leadership

PgC and PgD Transpersonal Leadership

THE AWARD OF a Post-graduate Diploma shows advanced leadership abilities and follows naturally from a Post-graduate Certificate. Further career advancement through a Masters degree is now within reach when you are ready!

Values-led executives bring added capacity to your organisation and the compulsory ‘Research Methods’ module supports a major project-based study, expressly designed to meet your business needs.

Crucially, this form of study validates knowledge and embedded behavioural skills and ethics with the added benefit of a recognised university qualification.
The course can be completed in 180 units, provided a decision is made to proceed to MA level, prior to undertaking the negotiated experiential learning module (NELM) at PgD.  The full Research Module would be substituted for the NELM in that case, then the MA would be completed by the successful achievement of the Learning Outcomes in the Triple (60 Credit) negotiated module.

  • An M.A. offers ultimate value and polishes critically reflective learning and analysis that improves the quality of thinking to create a valuable evolutionary resource for the organisation and individual
  • Personal choice in the topic chosen makes the M.A. relevant and of critical value, bringing immediate benefits plus invaluable learning to tackle future challenges

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