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PwC and Transpersonal Leadership

How do people and organisations become transpersonal, delivering leadership beyond the ego that serves the needs of stakeholders and communities, not just shareholders?

You might expect a institution like PwC to be very financially focused. UK chairman and senior partner Ian Powell says the Big 4 accountant launched its strategic vision, simply called Who We Are just as the question of integrity became a major issue in management and leadership. LeaderShape has taken that idea further, into a holistic, transpersonal framework.  
Here's Ian at the launch of the Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure, together with Tomorrow's Company, Tata and Korn Ferry at CMS Cameron McKenna       
The key words for PwC and for many organisations who value Transpersonal Leadership include: integrity, confidence and humility.  Ian Powell says:
We must all accept personal responsibility to play our part in demonstrating these values and behaviours - opting out is not acceptable. Put simply, this is how we define success.”  
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