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Rapidly Growing Companies


Mergers, Acquisitions and more

COMPANIES MAKING THE CHANGE through various stages of maturing invariably face challenges and risks. Rapidly growing companies feel both the excitement and the pain and are in danger of:

  •     Losing sight of the company vision
  •     Diluting the culture that created success
  •     Strained communication creating confusion and silos.
  •     Leaders and managers fulfilling the role of the level below them
  •     Lack of capability and confidence.

We know because we’ve been there…
LeaderShape's executive coaches are helping businesses in the South West enjoy above average growth, despite the economic climate. The £5 million cutting-edge European Union leadership programme has already seen impressive results.We know from experience what it feels like to be in the driving seat and understand at first hand the issues of the rapidly growing company. Elements of our approach might include:

  •     Strategic review
  •     Leadership audit
  •     Helping the Board and Senior Team raise their game
  •     Support through individual coach – mentoring
  •     Leadership development
  •     Culture survey to identify a vision for the organisation of tomorrow
  •     Emotional Intelligence-based selection and development
  •     Building a solid management team and organisational structure,  including robust succession planning.

Rapid growth presents exciting times for those that are engaged, able to keep up and feel part of the success. Take nothing for granted – talk to LeaderShape.

LeaderShape was heavily involved in the £5m European-backed Coaching for High Growth Programme, supporting 120 business in the South of England.  Read more about how it started.  Find out more about its impressive results.




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