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Success in first 100 days


Success in the first 100 days

Your coaching has certainly helped me settle into my new job and to establish myself’. …’I have gained confidence from this process and I feel my level of performance at work has been enhanced”
David Lock

European Marketing Manager - Novo Nordisk, Zurich


Moving to a new position within an organisation is a huge challenge, especially when it is a senior appointment. Within the first three months he or she must assimilate a new job, influence a new team and create the right culture.  They must make an impact both upwards and downwards and review their relevant business strategy.

New senior executives represent a very significant investment and a major act of belief and trust.  They are expected to hit the ground running. The cost an unsuccessful appointment can be huge in terms of direct impact on the business and for the individual in terms of their career.

Senior executives get to top positions because they are bright, decisive, talented and experienced and they should have a clear idea of what they are expected to deliver. But the first 100 days are a surprisingly short time in which to make a mark and build those vital new relationships. 

It is a time of stretch and learning, which all too often can lead to ‘learning by mistakes’ – a risk for both the organisation and the new appointee.

Objective Support

The LeaderShape approach to planning and coaching through a successful first 100 days begins before the appointee starts and often involves:

  • Key stakeholder & relationship mapping
  • Winning people over
  • Generating quick wins
  • Unravelling the politics
  • Defining priorities and focus
  • Creating the desired climate
  • Successful transition

LeaderShape Coach/Mentors all have direct experience at senior levels, most as MDs and CEOs and are able to support the new appointee with a real yet objective understanding of the issues – for the benefit of your business.

Benefits of supporting senior appointees in the key transitional period

  • Equipped to implement new strategies developed from senior management and team input.
  • Building of effective business relationships.
  • Understanding of internal communications network.
  • Culturally and socially integrated.
  • Can cascade own first 100 days learning to new talent.
  • Management of work/life issues during transition.
  • Realises effective results more quickly


My first 100 days are all about listening and learning. The last thing you'll get from me is a grand vision in the first 100 days. You need to give yourself time to be a sponge.”
Paul Pressler


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