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Tomorrow's Company and neuroscience

Tomorrow’s Company has backed John Knights' Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure report as an agenda-setting ‘think and do’ tank which looks at the role of business and how to achieve enduring business success. The organisation focuses on strong relationships, clear purpose and values as the foundation of effective leadership and governance and challenges business leaders around the world to work in dialogue with others to tackle the toughest issues.

The founding principle is that business can and must be a ‘force for good’. This in turn requires a strengthening of stewardship by shareholders in partnership with boards of companies. Says Chief Executive, Tony Manwaring:

Herein lies the true power of this new framework on leadership – it plots a course which begins with the personal and a style of leadership driven by the demands of the self, and provides a step by step pathway to ‘Transpersonal Leadership’, recognising the needs of others, in service to the future as well as the present. Tomorrow’s Company argues for stewardship – this requires a different kind of leadership, able to look back and forwards, respecting previous generations, determined to leave a legacy for future generations from which they in turn can build."

Looking at the lastest neuroscientific principles, Tony says a new way of leading is coming from the new brain science, which teaches us to teach using the intelligence we have within.

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