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University Accredited Programmes

Work-based, post-graduate level learning

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW a postgraduate or Master’s level University qualification could be truly useful in your workplace? Work-Based Learning ensures your knowledge is employed effectively in your job, as well a providing you with a recognised qualification to enhance your CV. It will help you embed great leadership skills and behaviours in your board, teams and key staff.

Qualifications in Coaching & Leadership development.

Build on your coaching qualifications and skills with a practical and advanced theory supported postgraduate course, customised to you and your organisation’s needs. The University Masters-level degree will help you get the very best ROI from your coaching investment and prove you can really coach and lead effectively!
LeaderShape offers a suite of courses – one leading into the other. These are:

Qualifications in Leadership

Embed high-quality leadership throughout your workplace with a practical postgraduate pathway, supported by high level theory. Our unique University Masters programme will ensure you can really lead effectively to improve success for yourself and those around you!

LeaderShape offers the following suite of courses – with each certificate building towards a higher level if you wish to take your studies further:


LeaderShape’s programmes are designed and developed by our former CEO’s and business leaders, together with the University of Chester - global leaders in providing customised work-based learning. Our approach is completely different from standard academic courses; they enhance career opportunities and directly benefit you as a participant, your organisation and your wider stakeholders.

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How do our courses differ from others - see here




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